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Yigiter (Yuri) Izgordu

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My name is Yigiter (Yuri) Izgordu

My interests include Electronics Micro-controllers Arduino Raspberry Pi Computers PCB making Metal Work Wood Work 3D Printing

My current skills include Arduino Computer Software (Windows) PCB making (chemical process) Metal Work Wood Work 3D printing Circuit Boarding

I went to Middlesex County College and graduated with my associates in Electrical Engineering Technologies. I'm currently going to NJIT to get my Bachelors in Electrical Engineering Technologies.

Current Projects

Arduino Wrist Wearable sensor data acquisition device. Arduino Pro Micro as main micro-controller. 128x64 LCD Screen display. adafruit BMP183 Barometric Pressure, Altitude sensor DHT Temperature and Humidity sensor 3D printed enclosure/wrist casing.

RetroPi Station Runs N64 with controllers Currently debugging online option Future projects

Raspberry Pi Wrist Wearable sensor data acquisition device. TFT 2.8" display Model A+ Raspberry Pi Adafruit ultimate GPS Barometric Pressure Altitude sensor Temperature sensor Humidity Sensor

repair and install arduino into pinball machine Lights Sounds Number display

ScrewTurn Wiki version Some of the icons created by FamFamFam.