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Space ToDos and Needs

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Want to do something to help the space? Here are a list of needs or "would like"s.

Stuff To Do

Want to help non-financially? Here are things to do:

Extend member storage area and add semi-permanent ladder

The current member storage space is too small and the pallet shelving isn't tall enough to go higher (we should have thought about that before we cut it in the beginning). Get new pallet shelves and find a ladder that would be dedicated to the member storage area. Get everyone a box.

Member's Wall

Some members have are never around when other members area. Have a wall in the room with a photo of all the members and names.

Rearrange PRS medals

Move the medals to one area.

Mount the "Jumbotrons" in the main area

Mount the large televisions in the front of the main area and wire them up so a person giving a class can show their computer. Projector is hard to see when all the lights are on. Note that these things are very heavy, so please get your mounting plan approved by the Shop Foreman.

Rearrange shop to make more sense

The tools in the shop are just placed where there was room. Move things to where they make sense. Maybe wood stuff with wood stuff, metal with metal?

Find permanent space for PRS stuff and clean up shop storage

Storage in the shop is kind of haphazard organized. Find a permanent location for the PRS cars and stuff, along with long term and other shop storage.

Area for stuff to sell

Find a cabinet to store all the items for sale (located by the front door and register). Needs to lock. Maybe also a display by the door (pegboard?).

Change the legs on the tables in the main area

The folding legs on the tables in the main area need replacement (they are bent and wobbly). Replace them with 4x4's or something equally sturdy.

Make documentation for all the equipment

We can never seem to get "qualification class" going, so the next best thing would be docs for all the equipment. Safety, how to use, gotcha's, etc. On the wiki, and printed out. Maybe the qual class can be an online thing?

Make new signage for the door

The letter on the door fell off. It was suggest to make a new sign that features a different skill on each letter (laser cut F, 3D printer U, embroidered B, machined A, wood worked R, etc). Also maybe a velcroed sign by the building door.

Make a sign for the windows

Make a large sign for the windows in the shop. Maybe large F U B A R or something, so people can see it from the street. Maybe it can light up? Or make some kind of marching ants around the letters.

Make signage for the shop entrance

The entrance to the shop needs better signage and demarcation. Something loud and in your face. With the shop rules.

Audio setup for the main area and room/lounge

Callins for the meetings is a PITA... audio sucks. We need a better audio setup for the main area and the room for calls and for recording classes.

Stuff To Buy

Want to throw money at the problem? Here is a list of things that the space always need:

  • Garbage bags
  • Paper towels
  • Cups, plates, plastic utensils (mainly forks, we have too much of the other stuff)
  • Cleaning fluids (Windex, some kind of mild surface cleaner, etc.)
  • Florescent light tubes (F96T12)
  • Drinks and Snacks (you can get reimbursed through donations to the "can"; ask an officer)

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