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Phil Work Log

Modified on Mon, 10 Apr 2017 04:56 AM by Phil G Categorized as Uncategorized


Re-organized rack of member boxes with Eric and Jess

Threw out wire basket of sketchy kitchen items

Cleared out telescopes and cachinko machine from next to stairs with Adam - swept area next to stairs

Wiped down table farthest from windows and the tables in the office.

Took out trash.

reorganized screen printing supplies, put them in a member box.

Set up recycling bin.

Put up fire extinguisher signs, set up fire extinguisher area and first aid kit.


Moved screens away from electronics shelves with help from Adam revealing two open shelves 

Swept off table nearest office in workshop, table nearest workshop in main room 

Swept workshop, table area, projector podium area, spot where screens were 

Emptied out vacuum cleaners 

Took out trash 

Personal Projects


Set up Dual TNC ham radio and connected to Eric's power supply, but output power is not so great according to my SWR meter. Eric will bring in something to verify.

Fire truck siren works great if connected to power supply provided by Eric for the Ham rig!

To Do

Replace melamine sheet on table 

Replace harbor freight folding legs with something less wobbly 

Inventory tools 

Write-up vinyl cutter 

Inventory consumable screen printing supplies, determine if anything needs to be ordered to run a class 

Set up slack ding command? (perhaps also a doorbell)

Set up signs for fire extinguishers, sand, first aid kit

Mount first aid kit

Migrate wiki

Organize wood

Check first aid kit for shop-specific items, like emergency eyewash.

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