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Welcome to the FUBAR Labs Member Bio Page! Members: Please add, edit, or correct your entries!!

Kristen Abbey

Rick Anderson

Rick Anderson is a Co-founder and Trustee of Fair Use Building and Research Labs. As a member of Fubar Labs, Rick has worked to provide programs on soldering, basic electronics, Arduino (http://arduino.cc) and 3D printing to the New Jersey community. He is also part of the official Arduino testing team. In 2011, he participated in the Global Game Jam and created the first third party game for the Microtouch open hardware game platform, Heat Death. 

Brian Boccardi

Brian is an amateur radio operator callsign N2MPM. Seasoned electronics and mechanical troubleshooter offering help to all. Interests in self reliance,edged weapons,LED lighting,off grid power. Network Engineer by trade.

Jean Consorti

Trustee (2014), President (2016 - present), Member of Power Racing team (2015 - present) Jean's interests includes (though not limited to) a very broad range from arts (fine, paper, fabric, yarn, wood, metal) to technology (basic electronics, microcontrollers, Raspberry Pi) and incorporating those areas such as sewable circuits and other mixed media projects. She runs the E-crafting Club every second Sunday of the month. Co founder and former business partner in the company, Soldering Sunday that was incubated at FUBAR. She helped design and develop educational maker products, associated curriculum and business strategy.

Bill French

President for FUBAR Labs (2013 - 2015), Power Racing Team Captain (2012 - present). Bill's hacking and making interests include silkscreening, electronics, Arduino, Netduino, CNC Controls, and circuit board creation. With his A.S. in Computer Science, he daylights as the Director of Telecommunications, Network, and Support Services at the Princeton Theological Seminary.

Paul Gentile

Treasurer (2016), VP (2014 - 2015). Maker and a self-described professional geek. He and his family have a passion for making, scouting, video games, RC flying, drones, and a list of techno hobbies. Paul is a founder of Soldering Sunday (solderingsunday.com), which focuses on helping young makers learn electronics and which was incubated at FUBAR Labs. Paul is also an avid member of the R2 Builders Club and has built a full scale R2-D2, know as R2-NJ https://www.facebook.com/r2d2nj/

Jackie Gerstein

Phil Gillhaus

Phil spends his time teaching classes and tinkering with electronics, micro-controllers, lasers, machine tools, and toy guns. Phil has provided instructional support for programs in computer literacy, web design, and course management software at Brookdale Community College and Rutgers University, and is currently working in the K-12 division of MAXIMUS.

Matt Hagan

Yigiter (Yuri) Izgordu

My name is Yigiter (Yuri) Izgordu. My interests include Electronics Micro-controllers Arduino Raspberry Pi Computers PCB making Metal Work Wood Work 3D Printing. My current skills include Arduino Computer Software (Windows) PCB making (chemical process) Metal Work Wood Work 3D printing Circuit Boarding. I went to Middlesex County College and graduated with my associates in Electrical Engineering Technologies. I'm currently going to NJIT to get my Bachelors in Electrical Engineering Technologies.

Current Projects

Arduino Wrist Wearable sensor data acquisition device. Arduino Pro Micro as main micro-controller. 128x64 LCD Screen display. adafruit BMP183 Barometric Pressure, Altitude sensor DHT Temperature and Humidity sensor 3D printed enclosure/wrist casing.

RetroPi Station Runs N64 with controllers Currently debugging online option Future projects

Raspberry Pi Wrist Wearable sensor data acquisition device. TFT 2.8" display Model A+ Raspberry Pi Adafruit ultimate GPS Barometric Pressure Altitude sensor Temperature sensor Humidity Sensor

repair and install arduino into pinball machine Lights Sounds Number display

Mark Kenneth Lyons

I'm just a guy who has loved science his whole life and appreciates FUBAR Labs as a unique group of bright individuals to socialize with, and a great place to make lots of noise without disturbing the neighbors ;) I have made a living my whole life combining computer programming, math and economics and giving decision makers glimpses of valuable information to act upon. FUBAR Labs comes at a great time in my life when I'm tired of just moving ones and zeroes up and down a wire, now wanting to make those bits do something in the real world. We have a lot of robotics practitioners in this group and I'm grateful to be working alongside them. My greatest enjoyment seems to be modifying things to do what they were never designed to do in the first place. I guess that's hacking - the good, clean, fun kind.

Eric Rivas

Secretary (2010 - present)

Graham Sortino

Graham is a new member of FUBAR labs. A Vermonter by birth he’s been working in the NYC IT/software field for the last 10 years or so. When he’s not working or playing with his daughter he enjoys heading over to FUBAR to work on his recently discovered interests: Arduino, electrical engineering, and machining. His current projects include building small liquid rocket engines and software/hardware systems to control the aforementioned engines.

Adam Tannir

Dan Van Boxel

Dan is always interested in the one cool new technology or another. Having worked with arduino, raspberry pi, and created an electric sundial, he found that electronics was alright. But his real passion is for data visualization and machine learning. He runs a YouTube channel called DanDoesData where he live streams learning and playing with data analysis tools.

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