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Meeting Agendas and Minutes

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Listing of the agendas and minutes of each meeting FUBAR has had.

Note: Minutes are a record of decision and actions taken at a meeting. They don't include what was said at a meeting. It would be took hard to record everything that was said at a meeting in a way that would reflect the intent of the speaker.

November 27, 2012OfficerAgendaMinutes
December 4, 2012MembersAgendaMinutes
December 18, 2012OfficerAgendaMinutes
January 8, 2013MembersAgendaMinutes
January 29, 2013OfficerAgendaMinutes
February 6, 2013MembersAgendaMinutes
June 7, 2016OfficerAgendaMinutes
June 7, 2016MemberAgendaMinutes
June 21, 2016OfficerAgendaMinutes
July 5, 2016MembersAgendaMinutes
July 5, 2016Officer SpecialAgendaMinutes
July 19, 2016OfficerAgendaMinutes
Aug 2, 2016MembersAgendaMinutes
Aug 16, 2016OfficerAgendaMinutes
Sep 6, 2016MembersAgendaMinutes
Sep 20, 2016OfficerAgendaMinutes
Oct 4, 2016MembersAgendaMinutes
Oct 18, 2016OfficerAgendaMinutes
Nov 1, 2016MembersAgendaMinutes
Nov 15, 2016OfficerAgendaMinutes
Dec 6, 2016MembersAgendaMinutes
Dec 20, 2016OfficerAgendaMinutes
Jan 3, 2017MembersAgendaMinutes
Jan 17, 2017OfficerAgendaMinutes
Feb 7, 2017MembersAgendaMinutes
Feb 21, 2017OfficerAgendaMinutes
Mar 7, 2017MembersAgendaMinutes
Mar 21, 2017OfficerAgendaMinutes
Apr 4, 2017MembersAgendaMinutes
Apr 18, 2017OfficerAgendaMinutes
May 2, 2017MembersAgendaMinutes

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