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Common Courtesy Rules

  • If you are not actively working on your project and in the space with your project, move your project out of the way to allow the next person to use it.
  • Please clean the equipment after you use it.
  • Do not take things from other member bins or use their materials without permission.
  • If you take food or drinks, put money in the kitty.
  • If you use up materials from the lab, you need to replenish it.
  • Keep equipment clean and free for public hours.
  • Put the tools you use away.
  • Do not leave projects in the common areas or workstations.
  • Respect other people‚Äôs desire to work on their own pace.

Ultimately, respect others and they will respect you.

If common courtesy is being chronically disregarded despite warnings, individuals may face suspension or expulsion

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