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Blue Laser

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This article refers to the Laser Cutter/Engraver with the blue chassis, not to be confused with the similar Full Spectrum laser with the beige chassis, which is currently in need of repair.

Safety Precautions

Verify that coolant (water) is flowing through the laser. There is a flow meter inline with the tubing coming out of the bucket under the laser. This should be spinning rapidly to indicate flow. verify blast gate is open (exhaust opening to window) verify aquarium pump is blowing air verify water spray bottle (fire extinguisher) is available no safety interlock on the door! Top computer is the one for the blue laser - log in as design - no password Corellaser201302 Engraving Manager, second button from left in upper right cutting is third from left Set power less than 20 - otherwise it will damage laser tube. repeated passes lead to better results

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