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Arduino Advanced

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This class is for anyone who understands the basics of the Arduino Microcontroller and wants to take their projects to the next level. In 'Advanced Arduino' you will learn to write sketches that fully take advantage of the capabilities of the Arduino. You will also learn new ways make your Arduino communicate with other devices. Topics include:

  • Creating Your Own Functions - We'll demonstrate how to structure your more complex sketches and reuse your code by writing your own functions.
  • Importing Libraries - The Arduino community is full of free, open source code that can do almost anything. We'll show you how to use it in your projects.
  • Create your own Libaries - How to take advantage of the full capaiblities of C/C++ with projects, share code between projects, and with others.
  • Understanding Serial Communication - Serial is the standard for communication between your Arduino and displays, sensors, communications modules (wifi, ethernet, bluetooth), personal computers and other complex systems. We'll get you started with making these devices talk to each other.
  • I2C Using Wire Library - I2C is a communication protocol that lets you talk to a whole network of devices with just 2 pins on the arduino and some additional software.
  • Interrupts - Interrupts let your Arduino react to the physical world in real time. If your sensor-driven project needs to be able to multitask, we'll show you how to make it happen with interrupts.
  • EEPROM - Your sketches aren't the only things that are saved on your Arduino when you turn the power off. We'll help you write sketches that can save data to or read from the EEPROM.

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